Ladies and Gentlemen, Dear Colleagues, Esteemed colleagues,
Today marks the turn of a transformative chapter in the life of the Police Service Commission. I stand before you with a deep sense of pride on the eve of the epoch-making NPF Constable Recruitment Screening Exercise which has been long-drawn and hard-fought. I address this distinguished gathering of ambassadors of the Commission, each of you entrusted with the weighty responsibility of upholding the principles of equity and excellence in selecting the finest candidates for our esteemed Nigeria Police Force.

  1. I extend my heartfelt wishes for safe and prosperous travels to your designated duty posts. May your paths be guided by unwavering resilience and may your competence take centre stage as you fulfill your responsibilities with diligence and dedication, exemplifying the high standards expected of ambassadors of the Police Service Commission. Consider this assignment not merely as a routine task but as a defining moment, akin to a narrative where each of you plays a pivotal role in shaping the destiny of our nation’s security sector. Similar to an architect meticulously designing a skyscraper, you are entrusted with ensuring the integrity and strength of the foundation upon which the future of the Nigeria Police Force rests.
  2. I implore you to approach this undertaking with a sense of duty that transcends the ordinary—a duty echoing the narratives of individuals who, through their unwavering dedication, have left an indelible mark on the institutions they served. Just as those who built the foundations of our great nation believed in causes larger than themselves, so too must you hold steadfast to the ideals that define the Police Service Commission. Let the echoes of history guide us as we set forth on this journey. This is not merely a recruitment exercise; rather, it is a saga—an epic tale where your actions will reverberate through time. Each decision, each interaction becomes a paragraph in this narrative, shaping the perception of our Commission and the legacy we leave behind.
  3. Uphold the torch of professionalism and integrity high, for the pages of history await your inscription. Embrace this responsibility with the knowledge that your actions will resonate beyond the confines of the present. As staff of the Commission, you are entrusted with a job that carries the weight of our nation’s aspirations for a just and secure future. This recruitment exercise assumes paramount significance as the first conducted by the Commission since the landmark Supreme Court Judgment of 20th July 2023. We stand at the precipice of a new era, and it is our solemn duty to ensure that this exercise establishes the gold standard for future recruitments. The nation’s watchful eyes will scrutinize our every move, demanding our unwavering dedication and commitment to the principles of fairness and justice.
    5.Therefore, I implore each of you to exhibit your best behavior, upholding the highest standards of discipline, integrity, and honesty. This is not just a recruitment exercise; it is a defense of the sanctity of our mandate and a demonstration of the Commission’s competence in this vital function. I admonish you to anticipate unprecedented challenges during this exercise. With over 400,000 applicants passing through your stations, each presenting a compelling argument to join the Nigeria Police Force, the pressure will be immense. Remember, you are the guardians of a process that not only holds inherent significance but also paves the way for the forthcoming 30,000-man recruitment approved by the current administration.
  4. The Management of the Police Service Commission has worked diligently to ensure that you have all the necessary resources at
    your disposal, notwithstanding the prevailing economic realities. While financial resources have been allocated, I urge you to exercise prudence, recognizing the scarcity and judicious utilization of resources. Equity and fairness stand at the forefront of our deployment strategy.
  5. Safety and security must be overriding throughout this exercise, particularly for those going to the volatile regions in the south-east and north-east geopolitical zones. The sensitive and politically fertile nature of this exercise demands heightened vigilance and adherence to the highest standards of conduct. I urge you to navigate through these challenges with utmost care and diligence, ensuring your safety as well as that of the candidates being screened.
  6. To enhance the efficiency and transparency of the 2022 Nigeria Police Force Constable Recruitment Exercise, the Management of the Police Service Commission is establishing a Situation Room at the PSC Corporate Headquarters. This dedicated space will serve as a centralized hub for monitoring the exercise across all states and the Federal Capital Territory. The Situation Room will function as a Complaint Response Center, a Help Desk, and an Information Repository, providing essential technical and operational support to personnel in the field. This initiative underscores our commitment to ensuring a robust, accountable, and smooth exercise.
  7. It is imperative to emphasize that any staff member found complicit in questionable activities will face severe consequences, especially soliciting or collecting funds from applicants or their families. Such actions are contrary to the principles of integrity and fairness which are sacrosanct to our Commission, and individuals involved will be subject to austere disciplinary measures, including possible termination of employment. We expect all staff of the Commission to adhere strictly to the highest standards of professionalism and ethical conduct throughout the entire duration of the exercise.
  8. In conclusion, let me reiterate the gravity of the task at hand and the significance of this recruitment exercise. You are not merely fulfilling a duty; you are shaping the future of the Nigeria Police Force and contributing to the security and well-being of our nation. Your dedication, integrity, and professionalism will undoubtedly leave an indelible mark on the history of the Police Service Commission. As you embark on this journey, carry with you the pride of serving your nation and the responsibility of upholding the values that define our Commission. Stay vigilant, stay true to your calling, and may you find success in every step of this historic recruitment exercise.
    Safe travels and best wishes.

Dr. Solomon E. Arase CFR, retired Inspector General of Police
Abuja Nigeria
Friday, January 5th 2024


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