2023: MURIC/OPC – R Call On Yorubas, Nigerians To Queue Behind APC Presidential Candidate


The leadership of Muslims Right Concerns and Oodua Peoples Congress (MURIC/OPC – R), on Tuesday,  have called on Yorubas in Nigeria and diaspora, including all Nigerians that want a positive change in 2023,  to queue behind the Presidential Candidate of All Progressive Congress (APC), Bola Ahmed Tinubu.

Speaking at a Joint press conference on 2023 Presidential elections as it affect the Yoruba People held at the  OPC-R Secretariat, Isheri – Lagos, Director, Muslim Rights Concern, Professor Ishaq Akintola noted that the Yorubas has every reason to support their kinsman,  being the most eminently qualified among all the candidates.

“It is also our submission that all issues of Yoruba separatist agitation will be addressed and resolved if a Yoruba man emerges as president come 2023. We have no doubt that those complaining of marginalisation of Yorubaland are most likely to give a son of the soil listening ears once Tinubu becomes president.” He said

“It is in this regard that we are calling on the Yoruba to give peace and unity a chance by rallying behind their son, Bola Ahmed Tinubu.” He further said

The group, while  reminding the Yorubas of the lyrics of the late Hubert Ogunde song, Yoruba Ronu, i.e.
Yorubas should reflect, ‘Ro, ro, ro, Yoruba ronu o. Yoruba yo yo yo bi ina ale, Yoruba ru, ru, ru bi omi okun, Yoruba baba ni baba nse.
Ro, ro, ro, Yoruba ronu o.’  said the North has been in power for eight years, as It would give the North almost 20 year rule if another Northerner becomes president again.

“We must vote for Tinubu in order to avoid that predicament. Remember that Ogunde said ‘Ori ki mai buru titi ko pogun odun…’ (One should not remain unlucky for 20 years). It is now the turn of the South and a highly competent Yoruba politician has succeeded in winning the presidential primaries.” He said

“‘Awa lo kan. E gbe kini yi wa’. We must not allow this golden opportunity to slip past us. We missed it in the days of our great leader, Chief Obafemi Awolowo. We missed it in the days of Chief M. K  O. Abiola. We must get it right this time. It will be a monumental mistake for the Yorubas to reject Bola Ahmed Tinubu. He is our son. He has the pedigree. His record is unbeaten and the fact that Lagos is the Makkah of all  Nigerians today is enough proof of his competence.”  He further added

On how MURIC and Yoruba People will work together, Professor Ishaq Akintola said, “We are constrained to affirm that our organization is prepared to work hand in hand with all tribes in the country. MURIC is a multi-ethnic organisation and we will never work against any tribe.”

He said the allegation leveled against MURIC in certain quarters particular in publications of Alaroye newspaper that MURIC is an enemy of the Yoruba people is false and this joint press conference with the OPC-Reformed is a clear evidence that MURIC is a friend of the Yoruba People, not an enemy. It is the demand of MURIC for the fundamental human rights of Muslims in Yorubaland that some people mischievously interprete as anti-Yoruba stand. This is wrong and misleading.

He appealed to separatists groups who are demanding the creation of a Yoruba nation out of the present entity to give peace a chance as they are certain that issues at stake would have been covered by the time Tinubu occupies Aso Rock.

On the issue of integrating  OPC into AMOTEKUN CORP,  he said it is well known that it was the OPC that saved the South West from the constant attacks of armed robbers. They boldly confronted armed criminals and they were able to subdue them particularly between 1985 and 2005. They were not paid for their services and many members of the OPC died while confronting the hoodlums.

Unfortunately the various governments of the South West forgot the OPC when they established an official security outfit called Amotekun. MURIC declares that this is unfair.

They  called on governments in the South West to review their recruitment method into Amotekun with a view to integrating original OPC members from different factions (Fasehun, Gani Adams and OPC-Reformed under Chief Francis Oludare Adesope). This will strengthen the security of Yorubaland. Government should not insist on educational qualification alone.


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