Mrs. Joy Dogo Urges  Women To Form Cooperative Society To Assist Their Families


Director, CaRE-NGO, Mrs. Joy Dogo, on Thursday, urged women to form a Cooperative Society, as it will greatly help them in time of needs.

According to her, since white cola jobs are no longer available, if women form a group of at least, 10 people or more and start Cooperative Society, by contributing little amount of resources at their disposal, it will not only help them, but the entire family to grow.

Mrs. Joy while speaking at a one day Advocacy Forum, organised by CaRE NGO, further advised women to start doing something, no matter how small.

In his presentation,
Former Director, Ministry of Agriculture,  Cooperative Department,  Mr. Ishaya Chikale  enjoyed Nigerians irrespective of sex, gender to form a Cooperative Society, inorder to meet their daily needs.

Mr. Ishaya, while presenting a paper on; ” formation and management of cooperatives for sustainability,”  said there is growing unemployment across the country, hence the need for 10 or more people to come together, form a cooperative society where they contribute little, embark on small scale businesses, such as buying and selling inorder to meet their espected needs.

He outlined steps taking to form cooperative society, such as; finding organisers, identifying a common felt need, creating public awareness, preliminary meeting and pre member education, drawing up bylaws, conducting a feasibility study, commencement of business, application for registration, the inaugural meeting and launching, affiliation

At the end of paper presentations, the over 30 women that attended the forum were divided into group, to discuss and draw an action plan that will enable them to succeed in their various Cooperative Society.

In an interview with WORLDLINKNEWS, one of the participants, Mrs, Ruth Mathew thanked the organisers for impacting them knowledge that will guide them to effectively form Cooperative Society.

According to her, she will use the knowledge acquired, make a difference in the society.

Also, Miss Mary Auta who said the free training, and the knowledge gained will help her to organise a cooperative society in her community


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