CaRE-NGO Organises Workshop On Women’s Economic Rights And Empowerment


Participants at the interactive session

A non Governmental Organization, “CaRE-NGO” Located at the heart of Chikun Local Goverment Area of Kaduna State, on June 1, 2022  organised an Interactive Fora, for men, while women had their own on June 2,2022,  titled; Advocacy For Women’s Economic Rights And Empowerment In The Metropolitant Areas Of Kaduna State.”

L-R; ED, CaRE NGO, Mrs. Joy Dogo, Miss Ifeoma & Other Resource Persons

Over 80 women participants were drawn from Kaduna Metropolitant areas such as; Angwar Bulus, Angwar Mataki, Angwar Barde, Angwar Matani, Juji, Television, among others
The program which was aimed at
enlightening women on how to exercise their economic right, helps them to know their rights as wives, get empowered by their husbands and in return, assist their children and their husbands.

Resource Person making a point

In a presentation by Barrister Eunice  Abel, International Federation of Women Lawyers(FIDA), she said Women Economic Rights provide them an opportunity to seek for a meaningful jobs in order to assist their husbands
According to her, women have the right to voted and be voted for, seek for any political offices, adding that in most cases, women tends to do better in their various offices, than their male counterparts.

CaRE- NGO Staff stressing a point

” A woman who works, earn income, assists by providing food for the family, pay  children’s school fees, or paying rent when the needs arise. This will help their home to grow, and everyone live a meaningful life” She said

She said some women were restricted from seeking for jobs or exercise their rights because of culture, religion, even as some face violence, but could not voice out their minds.

Male participants in group photograph

According to her, there are laws protecting the rights of a woman,  discrimination against women and if a woman’s right is being  violated, all she needs to do, is to make it known to ( FIDA), for free services.

However, in her own presentation, Ifeoma Ameregini of National Human Rights Commission noted that a woman need to be educated for her to secure a job, adding that “if you educate a woman, you educate a nation”

However, during interactive session, the participants were allowed to express some difficulties face in their various homes, and suggest various ways to live in peace with their husbands.

A participant, Mrs. Veronica explained that men have failed their responsibilities as head of the family.
She further suggested that for peace to reign in such homes, men should be properly groomed on their responsibilities.
” As soon as the mother give birth to a male child, when he reaches the stage of maturity, his parents should start teaching him, on some of his responsibilities as a man, so that when he grows, he will not depart from it.” She explained

Also, Mrs. Evilyn Silas said inferiority complex among men made them stop them from exercising their economic rights.

According to her, a man who has not been to secondary school before he got married, may not allow her wife to go beyond Secondary School for fear of divorcing him, after she graduate from school.
She suggested that, as a woman, try to understand your husband, and know his short coming and always use wisdom in doing things in your home.

Mrs. Justice Anyebe believes some women are arrogant and have no regards for their husbands.

She suggested that women should always pray for their husbands to succeed, learn how to talk to their husbands, also, appreciate whatever the husband provides for the family. He also suggested that women should not always be fast in responding to quarrel or misunderstanding.

Also, Mrs. Rebecca Jonathan,  said one of the frequent problems   encountered in some homes, is laziness among men, as some, find it difficult to do labourer jobs.

According to her, a husband who always stay at home without meaningful job, awaits quarrel, fight as many women will not like to provide all things in the home.

She noted that many broken homes were as a result of laziness on the part of men.
She further suggested that men should not leave all the responsibilities for their wives alone, rather Everyone should try to provide for the need of the home.

Some participants who spoke to WORLDLINKNEWS at the end of the program, expressed their readiness to bring peace into their homes by implementing all, that was discussed, just as they thanked CaRE NGO for providing them an opportunity to learn new things that will bring peace in their various homes, their rights, and how to exercise those rights.

According to Mrs. Judict Musa, ” I have learnt a lot. Today, I know I have a right as a wife, and I am going to exercise that right,” she said

According to her, since she got married, she live and do things based on the dictates of her husband, adding that she is always afraid to express herself before her husband, adding that now, she has known her right as a house wife.
She thanked CaRE -NGO for organising a program that enlightened them on their economic rights

Also speaking, Mrs. Mercy John, said she is more informed than before, adding that as a woman, with right to vote, and be voted for, she will now seek for elective political office to enable her serve her people.

Mrs. Joy Dogo, Executive Director, CaRE NGO thanked all the participants, resource persons, staff and everyone than made the program a success.

She advised the participants to make use of what they have learnt in their various homes, in order to bring peace to their homes.


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