MURIC Applauds Judge For Jailing Parents Who Hire Thugs To Beat Teachers


The Muslim Rights Concern (MURIC) has on Friday, applauded
Magistrate B. O. Abdul Salaam of the Ado Odo Otta Magistrate Court for jailing the parents of a student who brought thugs to the school to beat the teachers.

Joshua Joseph, a student of Toyon High School, Ere, Ado Odo, Ogun State, was sent out of the classroom for indecent hair style on Monday, 17th January, 2022.
Following this, his mother stormed the school with hired thugs who beat up three teachers.

But, Magistrate B. O. Abdul Salaam of the Ado Odo Otta Magistrate Court recently ordered that parents of a student whose mother brought thugs to the school to beat his teachers be remanded in Abeokuta and Ilaro correctional facilities.

Reacting on Friday in a statement by the group’s Director, Professor Ishaq Akintola said, the students have become too daring in recent time if reports of attacks on teachers in various schools is anything to go by.

According to him, it is shameful that parents nowadays indulge their children and pamper them in spite of their recklessness

The statement further salutes the wisdom of this judge. Magistrate B. O. Abdul Salaam, described it as another Daniel ‘come to justice’. His judicial pronouncement has injected a heavy dose of confidence in the Nigerian judiciary, as he has also sent a strong message to unruly students as well as parents who condone indiscipline that a new sheriff is in town.

“In a sharp contrast to the behaviour of today’s parents, Chief Obafemi Awolowo set the example of strict parenthood. His daughter came home to report her teacher. Awolowo was then the premier of the whole Western Region comprising of all the Yoruba states of today (Lagos, Ogun, Oyo, Osun, Ondo and Ekiti). Awolowo escorted his daughter back to the school and asked the teacher to flog her properly.

“The daughter was flabbergasted but it taught her the lesson of her life that the daughter of the premier of the whole Western Region must also subject herself to discipline at school.”he said

He said, today parents questioning disciplinary actions taken by school authorities, as some parents hire people who write examinations for their children and wards.

He said, parents allowed their children to dress like comedians, hoodlums and strippers, adding “We look the other way as our daughters go out in nudity, we encouraged our children to pursue Yahoo business to defraud innocent people while we revel in the illegal wealth acquired by them.

According to him, we must revisit our value system, we must change society but that change begins with every Nigerian. We must stop blaming our leaders alone, the police alone, the politicians alone. We must realise that every Nigerian home has become a training base for all the evils of the world : immorality, indecency, corruption, laziness, excessive materialism, acrobatic impunity, articulated spirituality and gymnastic religiousity.


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