2023 Kogi Governorship Race: Kogi Deputy Governor Disassociates Self From Fake Posters


Kogi State Deputy Governor
Chief Edward David Onoja, on Saturday has disassociated himself from various posters, billboard with his picture inscribed on it, calling him to contest as Kogi Governor.

Chief Onoja, an ardent believer in Christ, who believes and work through the directions of the holy spirit,  described such posters as handwork of his enemies trying to pull him down.
Chief Onoja who wrote on his verified Facebook wall on Saturday, 1-1-2022 further said,

“What an out-of-fashion way to attempt a pulldown. What a time and date to even think of such. Now I see dumbness in their mischief.

“Chief Edward David Onoja, Kogi’s State Deputy Governor, isn’t that dumb to start with poster placements on any quest. A very inferior output at that.

“I have said times without numbers: ONLY THE BIG TROPHY IS THE FOCUS.

“And just like I’ve said before, the Lord who Enthrones will do it for us.” He said

“I urge Kogites and Nigerians to ignore any form of posters either online or physically anywhere. My message remains consistent and it’s been there from when God through the trust and love of my boss elevated me to my present office.” He further added

Chief Onoja who is an ardent believer of Christ, further reminded those who cares to know as he quoted from the holy scripture; Mathew 6:34
” Give your attention to what God is doing in your life  right now, and don’t get worked up about what may or may not happen tomorrow. God will help you, deal with whatever hard things come up when the time comes.


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