More Revelations Have Emerged On The Reason Why 61-year-old, Pierangelo Pellizzari, Killed His Nigerian Wife, Amenze Rita.


It was reported that 31-year-old Amenze was killed in front of her colleagues in the parking lot of Mf Mushroom, a company where she worked on Friday morning, September 10, in Noventa Vicentina.

According to CKN News, a very reliable source in Italy who spoke on condition of anonymity said Amenze came into Italy in 2017 as an illegal immigrant, rescued from the sea and taken to a refugee camp.

The source said in 2018, Pellizzar found her, married her and removed her from the refugee camp.

Amenze was said to have been granted citizenship (the Italian passport) not too long after her marriage, which enabled her to get a good job.

According to the source, the deceased had three kids back home in Nigeria before heading to Italy and recently she travelled back to Nigeria, where she got married to the father of her three kids.

The source added that before she returned to Italy, her best friend revealed to the white man that his wife is cheating on him and has gotten married in Nigeria to the father of her children.

She told the white man that he should watch out because as soon Rita returns, she’ll file for a divorce.

And that was exactly what Rita did, she filed for a divorce as soon as she returned. she wanted to divorce the white man and use her document to invite her Nigerian husband and children to relocate to Italy.

Her Italian husband’s attempts to convince her to change her mind was rebuffed. Pellizzar traced her to her office, shot her four times in front of her colleagues.

Investigation showed that he is a drug addict who has been in and out of jail severally.

He has pleaded that he was emotionally disturbed and depressed by the action of Rita which led to his action

CKN News reported that from investigation, Pellizzar was banned from acquiring firearms, but it was not clear how he was able to lay his hands on the gun he used in killing Amenze.

The Nigerian Ambassador to Italy, the Nigerian Community in Italy as well as the Executive Chairman of Nigerian Diaspora Commission Hon Abike Dabiri Erewa have called for a thorough investigation into the incident


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