Seven Family Members Die Mysteriously After Eating Suya In Abia State


There was tragedy in Umueze Umuakanu Umuahia North LGA, Abia State, as seven members of a family mysteriously died after consuming locally baked beef populary referred to as suya with juice.

The suya was bought by the father, Mr. Jessey, ABN TV reports.

His family members, including extended family members who were visiting, joined to eat the suya.

They were said to have started throwing up after eating the suya.

7 of the family members died while the wife, Mrs Ogba Jessey, and the son survived

Mrs Ogba Jessey, who is still not aware that her family members have passed on, is currently receiving treatment at Federal Medical Centre Umuahia alongside her son.

The dead family members have been deposited in the morgue.


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