Where Former Kogi SSA, SA Mr. Nda Aaron Got It Wrong


By John Ewawoche Gabriel

For the past few days, Social media and news outlets have been awash by the former Senior Special who was later promoted to Special Adviser to his Excellency, Governor Yahaya Bello, Honourable Nda Aaron.
As part of my usual daily routine check on social media, being a Journalist, I first saw posts and comments about Hon. Nda Aaron.
I wasn’t too clear. As a Journalist who works far away in a state called ” Crocodile city.” ( If you are familiar with northern states of Nigeria, you know the state.”
I don’t belong to any political party, but i am interested in peaceful atmosphere of my mother land, Kogi state. Therefore, on daily basis, I peep and listen to all activities, happenings in the state.
After I observed some comments, posts and discovered that, something may have gone wrong between the APC political family in Kogi State.
I wrote on my wall, ” Is Nda Aaron no longer in Kogi APC, and political son of Deputy Governor, Edward Onoja.?”

I believed this question prompted response from Honourable Nda Aaron who reeled out the facts and figure, on how APC was formed in Kogi state.
Once again, I am not a spokesman to his Excellency, the Deputy Governor of Kogi State, Mr. Edward Onoja, nor hater of political enemies of the state. But, for peace to reign, and as a journalist who specializes on Conflict, Peace Resolution, I made bold to after this piece, addressed mainly to Honourable Nda Aaron, to also write His Excellency, an open letter.
Hon. Nda Aaron, all your points were quiet comprehended, but one thing you need, is humility which you maintained when the going was good, untill you got promoted to Special Adviser while serving your father land. But, unfortunately, along the line, the humility, respect you have shown disappeared.
It was because you equated yourself with His Excellency, Deputy Governor, Edward Onoja, or rather you saw him as your Junior in politics and felt he is rather your political associate.
Hear pride has failed you woefully.
Sir, life is all about patience. That is why, your patience in the first place, earned you promotion.
Sir, yesterday, you thought Edward Onoja politics, you are even his political mentor, because you were in politics before him, today,he assumed number two Chief security Officer of the state. Infact, he pilot the affairs of the state, if his principal goes on national assignment.
Sir, can you compare your political prowess, popularity, exposure and reaches with Edward Onoja your political son? (As you wish to be addressed)
Sir, it’s only through cooperation will a giant man pregnant a woman. If he tries forcing himself on a woman, he end up not enjoying sex, not to even get the woman pregnant ( idoma proverb)
Sir, if there is anyone to call you, Edward Onoja political boy, (which you hated anyway), it’s should be myself What goes around, turns around. .
I will give you example to illustrate this; in Kogi State today, His Excellency, Alhaji Yahaya Bello a very young man at his age, is the Chief Security Officer of the state, considering the heavyweight politicians, retired generals with lots of experiences spanning several years.
All other persons bowed before him, respect him, not because they are afraid of him, but luck smile at him.
In your family circle, your last born can be more opportuned in riches. He deserves respect.
I do not have all the time to hear from the other side since I am not writing reports about your rifts, but after carefully analysed the contents of your writing, I felt it’s important to advise you through this medium
Sir, what brought you together, is party politics, based on your write-up. The same party structure, chairman should be vigorously called upon to address all grievances between you, and his Excellency/ Deputy Governor, and not to come to the Social Media platforms and or pages of newspapers. An elected leader is not above the party. As popular, strong and brave you are, there is no way you cannot get someone close to Edward Onoja or party executive that will address your grievances. Social media posts, newspapers and other electronic media are not the best to settle issues within one political family, rather, they help to create or add more injuries.
While I may not be totally agree with your entire write-up, I believe, there are much more ways to go about our worries, to be solved than going to street shouting.
You said in your write-up ” nobody around him can dare talk to him on a contrary view. ……and who born you to owes an opinion before Edward Onoja.? The worst situation; he do not have anyone that is close to him that he listens, so that you can cry to, in helping you to talk to him.”
This totally, I disagree with you, just that you do not have time to find out who are his friends; pastors; brothers and allies.
His Excellency Edward Onoja is not god, he has a godfather politically, just as you too has a political godfather (you may disagree with me).
Sir, the bottom line is, to succeed in life, we must put away pride and welcome humility. Even if it’s your last born that luck smile on him, respect him as usual. You may have thought Edward Onoja some political ways to succeed, but today, he is number two in the state. Pls, go back to the drawing table and take a useful steps that will bring the entire political family in the state together with a view to make progress

As promised, in few days, I will write an open letter to His Excellency ( though we do not know each other, or met somewhere. But I read a lot about him which showed me that he has a listening ear)

John Ewawoche Gabriel writes from Kaduna, ( Crocodile City)


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