Over 160,000 Displaced Southern Kaduna Victims Need Food, Medication – SOKAPU, says


The Southern Kaduna People’s Union (SOKAPU) has again, revealed that, over 160 persons displaced from about 143 communities across Southern Kaduna are in sure need of food, medication and other necessities.
At a World Press Briefing in Kaduna, President of SOKAPU, Honourable Jonathan Asake explained

“Gentlemen of the Press, wehave called you to unequivocally make known our position on the State of the Nation, especially on matters of security, governance and general wellbeing of our people.

“As I address you today, nofewer than 143 communities across our local government areas in Southern Kaduna have been completely displaced, with over 160,000 persons, mostly women and children, now living under very harsh and dehumanizing conditions devoid of food, medication and other necessities of life.

“We feel gravely concerned,particularly with the spate of insecurity that has ceaselessly engulfed the nation, especially in communities across the Northern and Middle Belt Regions,” SOKAPU said.

The group warned that Nigeria as a nation is seriously undergoing severe security challenges where as terrorists who pose as Boko Haram, bandits or kidnappers continue to unleash premeditated and unprovoked attacks on their people and turning their communities into rubblesof devastation and desolation.

“The incessant kidnappings,gruesome massacre and displacement of indigenous people from their homes havecontinued unabated.

“Presently, in most of our communities across the 12 local governments of Southern Kaduna, there are reported cases of dailyabductions on the road, farms, homes, markets and worship centres where victims have gone through unimaginable torture and relations forced to pay outrageoussums of money as ransom,” the group stressed.

The group lamented that while the government of the day in Kaduna State and at the federal level have continued to appear helpless in their capacity to tackle these challenges or many at times turn a blind eye to these horrifying atrocities and crimes against humanity, the chances of bringing back hope for their despairing communities is becoming slimmer by the day.


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