#EndSARS: Network for Good Governance and Justice Urges Government To Compensate Families Of Victims


The Network for Good Governance and Justice (NgJ) on Wednesday, said after carefully monitored monitored the activities of hoodlums around Nigeria in the aftermath of #EndSARS protests, condoled with the families of police personnel and other security officers that have lost their loved
ones in the line of duty.

In a statement signed by the Compliance Officer,(NgJ), Musa Salih Muhammad on Wednesday advised government to identify the victims, so as to adequately compensate their families.

According to the statement, “victims of banditry, terrorism and kidnapping should be adequately compensated for their losses.

” Looting of public and/or private property under whatever guise is pure criminality and our youths being future leaders must shun it.” The statement said

The statement further explained that governments in possession of palliative items should fairly and swiftly share them to all deserving Nigerians.

” Law enforcement officials must fish out and prosecute all looters of public and private property; members of our communities should assist with credible
information on such property looters.

“Parents must NEVER condone bad behaviour from their children and wards. Hence, all unexplained properties brought to homes must be rejected by

“We call on all ethnic jingoists to come out of their shells and face the 21st century challenges head on, instead of using opportunities such as the ENDSARS protest to destabilize the country. A strong, virile and United Nigeria is the pride of the black race, African continent and citizens of Nigeria.
We warn that violence begets violence as nobody has its monopoly. For us, peace and tranquility are priceless;” the statement said.

While the statement commended the Northern religious leaders, traditional and political leaders for rising to the occasion in maintaining peace in the North and the country in general;
it also, commended Northern youths for their wisdom, vision, maturity
and foresight having avoided violence and destruction of lives and property in the North.

“We very strongly caution the general public to be wary of false information on social media and online yellow journalism

“We Call on Newspapers and other media stations to be professional, ethical and
less sensational in the interests of Nigeria and humanity

“We Call on all CSOs to be neutral arbiters and must shun local and foreign influences as they advocate for social justice and reforms,” the statement said

“We Urge Nigerians to always cross check their facts based on objective criteria before acting on them;

“We commend all our security agencies for their efforts and sacrifice in saving lives and property across Nigeria;

“We commend the President and his team for being on top of the situation while
urging him to do much more to bring an end to banditry, kidnapping and terrorism

“We strongly commend all the Northern state governors for their prompt response to the crisis and for their unity of purpose. We call on them to do much more to cater for our IDPs as a matter of urgency and importance.” The statement added

“For us at Network for Good governance and Justice (NgJ), peace and stability are important and priceless. We call on all Nigerians especially youths to be peaceful and orderly. Rule of law, due process, good governance and security are crucial for human and National Development” the statement said


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