Oba Of Lagos Finally Speaks, Says His Staff, Dollars Must Return In 7 Days


“If my Dollar, shoe and my staff of office were not returned to the palace in 7 days, be ready to face the repercussions”. Oba Akinolu of Lagos issued a warning to the youths and hoodlums.For the first time after some youths and hoodlums rushed into the palace of the Oba Akinolu of Lagos to carry away his staff of office, his shoes, food materials (which was believed to be from palliative meant to be shared during the pandemic lockdown ) and some other valuables, the king has voiced out to address the issue.The king who spoke yesterday, Friday 23 October gave a warning to the youths and hoodlums that he gave them 7 days ultimatum to return his staff of office to the palace and if they fail to do that, they should be ready to face the repercussions.He also spoke about his royal crown and the customized shoe of the office that was carted away from the palace. He emphasized his dollars which was kept inside the coffin. ” Return my dollars, my crown and my shoes now”. Oba Akinolu warned.”Concerning the COVID-19 palliative, which you said I hoard away from the public, I was waiting for the right time to share it ni o”. Oba Akinolu unveiled.” For those of you that messed up with the swimming pool, my royal swimming pool, you will regret it. But let me get my staff and crown of office first”. The king added.It should be remembered that some youths and hoodlums have been raiding some warehouses in some state where food items, suggested to be covid-19 palliative are carried away by those youths.The palace of the Oba Akinolu of Lagos was the first place to discover the store where palliatives were kept. Some other states in Nigeria have joined the list. The palliatives have been found in Osun state, Kwara state, and Cross-River state.


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