Details Of How KASTLEA Officials Caused Accident That Claims 2 Lives, 3 Injured


Wednesday accident along NNPC junction, Kaduna was a terrible one. Many driver owners, Okada riders and tricycles riders have stopped waiting for the traffic light to show a “green” coloured light for them to pass to their different destinations.
But, this was not done as usual, as Kaduna State Traffic, Environment Law Enforcement Agency (KASTLEA) was in full speed pursuing a driver of tipper truck well-loaded with sand.

On reaching where all the vehicles stopped awaiting traffic light to show a passing signal, the driver, out of fear of being arrest, moved-on and eventually, rammed into a Motorbike from the rear, forcing it to hit the Tricycle in its front, killing the motorcycle rider, a lady in the Tricycle while 3 people sustained different degrees of injuries at NNPC, junction in kaduna.

The tragic incident which angered many onlookers, led to pandemonium by irate youths who alleged that officials of the Kaduna State Traffic and Environmental Law Enforcement Agency, KASTELEA, caused the accident.

According to one of the bewildered youths and bystander, Dr. Almuspha Deposit said, “officers of KASTELEA caused the accident.” Their conclusion was strongly influenced by the fact that officials of KASTELEA pursued the truck, which resulted to it hitting the Motorbike and the Tricycle that were waiting for the green light at the traffic.

Another onlooker at the scene of the accident who gave his name as James Swamana gave a conflicting account.

He said, the irate youths had a wrong judgement. They wrongly blamed the law enforcement agency of the crash, the onlooker hinged his claim on the reasoning that, previously before the accident happened, KASTELEA had vigorously chased a DANGOTE Truck heading towards NNPC Junction from Mararaban Rido, which violated road regulations. And when the Tipper Truck well-loaded with sand crushed the Motorbike and the Tricycle, they assumed it was the same KASTELEA that also pursued the Truck.

He went further, ” the accident was as a result of break failure. The Motorbike and Tricycle were stopped by the Traffic light, while waiting for the green light, the Truck was unable to stop due to technical breakdown (break failure) and it crashed the Motorbike and Tricycle where it killed his victims


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