Kaduna PDP Is Being Hijacked By Self-Made Lord – Amos Ali

Yaro Amos Ali is a member of People’s Democratic Party (PDP) since 1999 in Kaduna State. He was the campaign organizing secretary of Goodkuck/Namadi campaign team under Ayu Ward, Sanga local Government of Kaduna State. In this interview with our correspondent, he said, he was leaving the party because
the party is being hijacked by a “self-made lord”

May we know you, your name, membership of the party, how long you have been, and your position as a member?

I’m Yaro Amos Ali, I have been a member of the People Democratic Party (PDP), since 1999. But, more instrumental in 2013 after my NYSC mandatory exercise. In 2015, I served as the campaign organizing secretary of Goodkuck/Namadi campaign team under my electoral ward (Ayu Ward, Sanga local Government of Kaduna State)

Your party, PDP failed in the last governorship elections in the state despite all preparations, what do you think may be responsible for this?

It all happened due to poor leadership and lack of party patriotism which was in the hands of the same cycle that betrayed people’s faith since 1999. The party in 2019 doesn’t have an update structure that enable the youths to make certain decisions. Get me right, those in the position of power within the party are supposed to be an advisory body serving as consultants in bringing in old, experience ideas alongside modern minds. But, that is not the case in our chapter. The candidature of the party then doesn’t represent the voice of the party, nor the people of the state. godfatherism has eaten us deep, the party presently is being hijacked by a “self-made lord” since 2014.
Let me take you back. When we lost election in 2015, the “lord” who is presently claiming ownership of the party in Kaduna State abandoned the party to be taking care of by Mainan Zazzau (Dr Mohammed Sani Bello) whose solemnly took over the party’s needs, but year to election he was betrayed for been a good servant when he aspired for the position of Govonor under the party in favor of a weak party member.

As a member of opposition party, (PDP), and as one who took part in the recent Congress of your party, what do you think went wrong during the Congress?

The just concluded Congress as you called it, isn’t a Congress in my term. This is because, it wasn’t opened for equal participation and inclusiveness. It was a hijacked seminar organized by “Lord”. Everything went wrong in a simple term. The party is been taking over by ambitious people for personal gain, if you read between the lines, a lot of issues transpared before this Congress, demonstrating the real choice of the majority within the party cycle. In another version there was no Congress.

We noticed some members of PDP in the state including you, are planning to part ways with PDP. What exactly attract you in other party (s) you are planning to move into?

My choice of APC is clear. As a young person I need a voice, I need a platform that can enable me speaks for my people, I need a platform that is youth grown base, where I can be giving a chance to express myself and my view even when am wrong so that I can be corrected. APC under His Excellency Governor Mallam Nasir El-rufai is a youth’s base platform where I think I belong. There are many issues of concern in the APC, my people in Southern Kaduna are not contented with this administration for various reasons, yes we knew , it might happened because the people judge him from a far, but I’m sure and contented with the cycle of youths he keeps company with and been in this cycle might be the platform for our tolerance and peaceful coexistence whereby I can be given a voice to profound solutions to our problems.

Do you believe PDP will win in any future elections in Kaduna state?

This is a very important question indeed. As far as I’m concerned, the so-called PDP under this weak leadership is dead. The party is in- competence since 19th of this month when the retired politicians take the place of more progressive units.

One thing I will also want to say to the agrieved fellows still sticking in the PDP room, is that, they should all remain there and play a major part in eliminating the party comes 2023 and we will be glad to tag them heros.


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