Nigeria Christain Pilgrim Boss Speaks On How To End Southern Kaduna Crisis


The Executive Secretary, Nigeria Christian Pilgrim Commission, Reverend Yakubu Pam, has called for a dialogue among stakeholders in the Southern Kaduna crisis in order to avoid incessant blood shed.

Speaking with Journalists in Kaduna,
Rev. Yakubu called for the deployment of more troops to the troubled zone to curtail the situation.

According to him, innocent people are being killed, while criminals are having a field day, saying the stories outside is painting us very ugly, hence there is need to tackle the issue.

Rev Pam who is also Chairman of Christian Association of Nigeria, (CAN) 19 Northern States and Abuja, said what is happening in the region is an in-house affairs and has to be solved by the parties.

He said he has followed the crises in the Southern Kaduna region for a very long time, unfortunately this one is taking a dimension that is dangerous.

“The problems in Southern Kaduna, I want to believe is purely an in-house problem with no much outside influence.

It is purely an issue that has been there for a long time,” he said.

Earlier, Rev Pam said he met with the leadership of CAN Kaduna State Chapter to talk with them that, it is good for them to speak out but should be mindful of the red light.

“We should not speak in such a way to jeopardize the unity of the state. Our speech should not just be empty and with anger, rather it should be frank advice on the way forward,” he urged.

The Christian Pilgrim boss also said he told the governor to give opportunity to people of Southern Kaduna from both sides to meet and dialogue, and come out with a white paper which both of them will agree on the way forward.

“I told the Governor to be ready to have the political will to accept the decision of the people, as there might be demands on both sides in the white paper.

“I also pledged that we will not leave him alone because the work of peace and resolving crisis like this is not only meant for an individual or government alone, but is a work that every citizens will come together on deck and handle it together.

“The good news is that El-Rufai has accepted whatever will be the result of the meeting with the people, he will implement their decisions,” he stated.
Speaking further the CAN Chairman said,

“we are not relaxing, we are going to hold that meeting with them as plans are on ground,” adding that, the stakeholders meeting shall consist of influential people, and selected people of Kaduna, people who are with the people to sit down from both sides for 3days to discuss their differences and to come out with common position

“It may differ in position but we will harmonize a lot of them and especially discuss the root cause of the problem and the way forward,” he added.

Rev Pam equally called on the Kaduna and Federal Governments for urgent intervention and release of relief materials to assist the Internally Displaced Persons, (IDPs) in the region.


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