I sleep With My Father Because He Doesn’t Cheat On Me And I Hate My Mum – Nigerian Lady


A Nigerian Lady, Name withheld, Narrates how she sleeps with her father because she is jealous of her Mother.

According to her, she started sleeping with her father at 20 and now she is 25, she wants to be forever with her father and never wants to get married because men are cheaters but her father doesn’t cheat on her.

In a brief complaint sent to Popular Relationship blogger, Joro, she wrote: “I hate my mother, I started sleeping with my father when i was 20 years old, he dis-virgin me.”

“I always loved him from when i was younger. I always get jealous of my father sleeping with my Mother.”

“She form church goer but she is mean. Now am 25 years old, and i don’t want to get married.”

“I want my father, he is everything to me. He doesn’t cheat or act bad.”

“He only cheats with my mother and my mother has cheated on him.”


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