COVID-19: NSCDC Kaduna Will Continue To Give Their Best…..Dutsinma


The Kaduna state NSCDC, Commandant Babangida Abdullahi Dutsinma, is a commandant with a difference. Dutshinma is an experienced, workaholic and a no nonsese man when it comes to work.
In this period of lockdown due to COVID-19, over 3,000 officers and men under his command are posted to Strategic locations in the state to maintain laws and order in the state.
He is just barely a year older in the state, but his performance speaks volumes.
He spoke recently on a network news with an electronic medium  on lockdown in Kaduna state due to COVID-19.  Indeed,   those who listened to him, applauded his performance.

His interview is reproduced below by John Ewawoche Gabriel

QUESTION: We see your men as part of those enforcing the lockdown order in Kaduna state. Tell us about the capacity in this regard and how it’s being generally?

COMMANDANT: Actually, I want to appreciate you, for giving me this opportunity to express myself. Also, to tell you how far, we have been contributing to the state. So far, so good,I have over 3,000 officers and men under my command. From the very day President Mohammed Buhari gave that order of lockdown, my Commandant General officially wrote to all the 36 states and FCT commandant to ensure that the law is dully observed. What I did was that, from myself down, to my last officers,  we have all been engaged. Over 3,000 officers in Kaduna state have all been engaged to ensure that, this lockdown order is Successful in Kaduna state.
I want to tell you that we really have all the supports that is needed, especially on the side of the Goverment. Also, from our sister agencies who have been senergising with us. With that, we have been able to do what is expected of us. That is exactly what NSCDC Kaduna state command is doing.  I want to tell you, so far, so good, we have been able to go round the 23 local government we have in the state, including all the boarders we have. Kaduna state has  boarder with Plateau, Nassarawa, Kano states and some part of Niger state. I want to tell you that all hands are on deck,  all security agencies are doing their best,  to ensure that all those boarders are locked and people are prevented from coming to Kaduna state during the lockdown

QUESTION: Let’s talk about the welfare of personnel. This is because many times, their welfare is not properly considered in operation like this. Are there safely measures put in place to protect your staff before sending them out on.lockdown enforcement?

COMMANDANT:  My Commandant General is always very careful on the welfare of it’s officers. We were able to provide sanitisers, hand gloves, mouth masks  immediately the Covid-19 started with the lockdown order, he has encouraged us logistically and otherwise to ensure that we have given the best to our staff to work with safety. What we did was to give out facemasks, hand gloves and sanitisers for them to ensure that their lives is safe first. It’s only when their lives are saved that there can provide the basic Services. If their lives are not saved, I want to tell you that, we can’t go anywhere. I also, want to tell you that the state government is doing very much more to ensure that they facilitate us with some logistics that will encourage all officers, staff to give in, their best.

QUESTION: We are just hearing news today, that Journalists, health workers and those on essential duties and their vehicles detained. What law enforcement agencies are saying is that, they are exempted from the lockdown, but not from the curfew. Have you heard anything about that, and what is the position of NSCDC?

COMMANDANT: So far, so good, in Kaduna state we don’t have such cases. In Kaduna state, everybody is considered. All those that have essential responsibility are giving due respect. What we believe was that Journalists promote whatever policy is being adopted. So, what we have in Kaduna is relatively a senergy between all the stakeholders; the Media, security agencies including whoever has a stake in Kaduna state. I want to tell you that we are doing whatever we can, to give our best in Kaduna state.


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