NSCDC @ 53: The Journey so far


By; John Ewawoche Gabriel

Many have doubted it’s continuous existence, since May 16, 1967. This is because, it’s primary duty then, was to sensitise and protect the Civil populace during the Nigeria Civil War.

Interestingly, like a child who was properly groomed to handle the affairs of the family, if the parents are no more, the Civil Defence Corps (CDC) later metamorphosed into the present day Nigeria Security and Civil Defence Corps (NSCDC) in 1970 with the core mandate of enlightenment campaigns in and around the then, Federal Capital of Legos.

Going by the influx of criminal in the territory, NSCDC’s mandate then, was to sensitise the civil populace on enemy attacks and how to save themselves from from future danger and attack by unknown enemies.
NSCDC having discharged it’s responsibilities effectively and efficiently had contacted continues to receive applaud from government, private and well wishers across the globe.
The success of the corps was attained by officers and men of the corps who have continued to educate themselves through electronic and print Media on how to guide themselves during air raids, bomb attacks, identify bombs and how to dive into trenches during bomb blast.

Interestingly, through the efforts of the officers and men of the Corps, the organization was transformed into a national security in 1984. In 1988, there was a major restructuring of the Corps that led to the establishment of commands throughout the country, including Abuja.

Already, the establishment of commands gave birth to additional responsibilities. For these responsibilities to take proper shape, the act to give statutory and legal backing was passed by the National Assembly and was signed into laws in 2003.
NSCDC has today, occupied strategic security positions maintaining laws and order, settling dispute among people, guarding national assets, monitoring elections and guarding against rigging and electoral fraud, manage disaster at all levels, rescuing of civil populace during emergency.
Many have come to reality that NSCDC is one of the paramilitary outfits whose code of ethics is ” collect bribe and die.”
Many of the officers and men,besides attained some level of qualifications, have been trained in line with their work duties. They have indeed proved right in their line of duties following applauding by government, individual and organisations.

With the NSCDC Act 2007, Act. No.6, the corps was vested to arrest with, or without a warrant. The Act also granted the corps, power to maintain an armed squad, which shall be entitled to bear arms deployed by the office of the Commandant General.
In this period of lockdown due to Covid-19, the corps has continued to maintain a high standard in it’s operations. Officers and men were deployed to strategic locations across the 36 states to enforce laws and order and ensure that every person wear mouth mask, use sanitizer, even as social distance were enforced.
With intellectual capability of Commandant General of the corps, coupled with the efforts of senior personnel in the corps, the corps has in no small way contributed to the relatively peace enjoyed in various states across the country as it has helped to eradicate all of security challenges.
With president Buhari’s persistent and continuous support, the corps may rise to be among the best paramilitary in the country.

John wrote from Kajuru Division, Kaduna.


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