Angwan  Ligali Community In Chikun LGA Appeal To Governor Elrufai To Construct Bridge For Them


Residents of Angwan Ligali Community in Chikun Local Government Area of Kaduna state has called on Governor Elrufai and other Spirit hearted individual to assist to construct the only  bridge linking the community with Kaduna town.

Angwan Ligali community has been in existence for over 20 years with hundreds of people living in the community. Major tribes in this community are; Fulanis, Gbaggi, and mixture of other tribes.

“The community’s preoccupation is farming, rearing animals, like goat, cow, chicken.
Ligali community is located between Goni-Gora and Angwa in Makarfi Estate bypass.
According to the community leader, Mallam Alhassan Danjuma, the community suffered untold hardship during raining season as they could not move from their community town.

He said, the only road they can pass through to town, was  through  community self help   local bridge constructed by the community.
His words: ” every year, we taxed ourselves, and sometimes, we levied ourselves inorder to construct the local  bridge. The local bridge, according to him, enable all, including fulani women to move to town to sell their Fura, Nono.

” Sometimes, most of our pregnant women suffered alot during delivery. In the course of delivery, there are no health centres, clinic to assist our pregnant women.

” We have to walk through bridge, in the middle of the night.
” Sometimes, when the bridge collapsed, we have no alternative, than to lean on God for His divine direction. The pregnant woman will be left alone with local women to assist her during delivery. If she is not Lucky, she dies, if God is by her side, she deliver safely”.

According to him, sometimes last year, a house wife died in the course of delivery as the bridge collapsed during heavy downpour.
” It was a raining season and the bridge collapsed. The pregnant woman was seriously in labour, pain. There was no road to pass because the bridge was collapsed.

“So, we resulted in local delivery method. There was complications, with serious blood dropping from her womb. She gave up the ghost.

Secretary of the community, Mr. Samuel  Alheri told WORLDLINKNEWS that during late Governor Ibrahim Yakowa the federal government constructed a National Power Plant in Agwa Community closed to the Ligali community, the Government constructed road linking the power plant and stopped the construction upon reaching the bridge.

Hear him: During President Good luck Jonathan and Governor Ibrahim Yakowa administration, they constructed road, draw light to a new power plant the federal government constructed. Before then, the road linking to power plant was bad. But, during construction, the federal government constructed the road.

“The same road that passes through Ligali community. But when they reached the local bridge we constructed, everything stopped.

“Till today, we have been suffering in this Community. Our children, wives and husband die when they sick because there are no roads, medical facilities in the community.”
He wondered why the power plant was built in their own landed community with all social amenities; good roads, water, light and the host community lacked all these.
He appealed to the state governor, Mallam Nasir Elrufai to help them construct the only bridge that link the community to town


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