COVID-19:  Kaduna Goverment confirms 72 active Covid-19 cases, discharges 2


John Gabriel

As at 6pm on 4th May 2020, Kaduna State is treating 72 Covid-19 patients. Almajirai recently returned from Kano constitute 65 of these cases.

The seven other cases on admission are persons with travel history outside Kaduna State or their contacts

A statement by Special Adviser to the Governor (Media & Communication), Mr.
Muyiwa Adekeye said, “Since the index case was reported on 28 March 2020, the state has discharged eight patients and has recorded one fatality who died before his positive test result was received.

“Overall, 81 cases have been recorded in the state but the active cases are now 72.

“As it continues its effort to prevent community transmission, the State Standing Committee on Covid-19 appeals to citizens to report any person who they know has sneaked into the state.
“Such persons are violating the state’s Quarantine Orders as well as the nationwide prohibition of interstate travel by the Federal Government.”

“Beyond illegal conduct, such persons are risking the health and lives of Kaduna State residents by recklessly spreading the virus across state lines. 

“Therefore, residents of Kaduna State are encouraged to be uncompromising in exposing and reporting these potential spreaders of disease.
“They should not be allowed to spread sickness and make nonsense of the sacrifices the people of Kaduna State are making in enduring the tough but necessary measures announced to protect them.” The statement further explained

According to the statement, the Standing Committee is aware of documented instances of police and paramilitary personnel that have been involved in illegal interstate travel.
“This is unfortunate. Two policemen are among the 72 persons the state is treating for Covid-19.
“This should serve to remind everyone that nobody is immune from the virus.

“Citizens who suspect that they have been exposed to Covid-19 should act responsibly, avoid infecting others, contact health officials and isolate themselves until the authorities come to see them.
” Such persons are urged to readily volunteer all relevant information on their health, travel history and contacts.

“The Standing Committee wishes to remind the general public of the importance of hand-washing, personal hygiene, social distancing and the avoidance of large gatherings in helping protect us all from Covid-19.
” Residents should wear face masks when leaving their homes and should wash their hands when they return home.

“Keeping safe from this pandemic is the personal responsibility of every citizen.
” All of us must take steps to protect ourselves and our households from Covid-19. Stay home, stay safe and save lives” the statement said


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