Utter  Blindness  To COVID 19


By Markson K. Michael

The lockdown in Kaduna State was relaxed today, and I went out to get one or two things, but what I saw got me emotionally dazed and stunned.

I thought I would see social distancing as one of the  postulated axioms by the medical experts to curb Covid 19  ; rather, what I saw was social mutuality and social reciprocation among  Nigerians.

Things were normal ! Hand shakes, crowds around ATMs,  holding hands and  usual hugs by both males and females were rifer in some places.There and then, I paused to note that ignorance or utter blindness to the pandemic ravaging the world by some Nigerians is still very lofty. After all, even the law makers are guilty of the same offence !

Surprisingly, as law abiding citizen, I wore my face mask, but I was seen as an alien, a foreigner and a newbie. However, I sighted few who equally adhered to the necessity, by wearing their face masks. Yeah! We were seen as newbie ! Yeah ! It was as if we promoted oddball or eccentricity. ” Prevention is better than cure.” I meditated and I walked away in full derision and disdain, not minding the discomfort their unusual looks posed to me. This shows that most Nigerians are still oblivious of the dangers of Covid 19

Consequently, I therefore urge the Nigerian government and the various states of the federation to make face masks available to all Nigerians ; hence, accompanied by laudable and salubrious palliatives to all, devoid of ‘Unenglish’ definitions, such as the Vulnerables and the poor of the poorest. In this, we can be rest assured that we are fully ready to fight Covid19 to a stand still.

Markson wrote from Kaduna


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