Lumumba Advises Nigerian Lawmakers To Be honourable members, not horrible members


Director of the Kenya Law School and front line social critics, Prof. Patrick Lumumba on Wednesday told Nigerian lawmakers to make efforts to be true representatives of the people and not be horrible members.

Lumumba who spoke at the unveiling of the Green Chamber magazine by the House of Representatives said the lawmakers were elected by Nigerians to be honourable members representing their people, but regreted that legislators are now being measured by the number of weddings they attend or the number of people they are able to assist.

He said it was unfortunate that through out the African continent, the role of the legislature has been misunderstood, stressing that those given the privileged to serve must demonstrate service to the people of Nigerian.

While congratulating the legislators for the work they are doing, he said”do you deserve to congratulated because you only reserve my congratulation if you are servants of Nigeria”.


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