No More Security Guard In Military Cantonment?


MILITARY bases are fortresses. They are not places to be accessed with ease by anybody, no matter who they are. Unfortunately, our military formations are not as secure as expected. They have become so porous that hoodlums easily find their way in there.

That a place is called a base is enough to instill fear in intruders.

This is why when people see walls on which the legend is written: ‘’military zone, keep off’’, they keep their distance. But some daredevils have found military bases so easy to penetrate to commit crime. They go in, kill and vanish into thin air. Just like that. It should not be so. If bases are no longer safe, we are all in trouble because nobody will be safe.

What should deter miscreants from entering military formations is that the people there are armed and sworn to kill.

Whether it is familiarity or what, I cannot say. The fact remains that these formations have lost their bite before hoodlums whose latest victim was Commander Oluwayemisi Ogundana, the Commandant of the Armed Forces Command Secondary School and Staff College (AFCSC), Jaji, Kaduna State. Ogundana was allegedly killed by a teacher in the school, Bernard Simon, her body dismembered, bagged and dumped in a well in a village near the cantonment.

She did not meet death on the road. She was slain in her home and her remains taken outside the barracks to be dumped inside a well. How did her killers gain access into her home? Didn’t she has security guards? If our military bases cannot stop killers who are on the rampage nationwide from entering the barracks then there is no need maintaining those cantonments. If they cannot secure themselves, how can they secure the country?

We are indeed helpless in this country as the military which we are all relied on for safety is no longer safe.

Commander Oluwayemisi Ogundana rest in the blossom of the Lord


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