Man Accused Of Leaking Ex-Girlfriend’s Nudes To Her Friends, Family


A New Mexico man allegedly sent his ex-girlfriend’s nude photos to her family and friends — and dished out her personal information to complete strangers — in an act of revenge after she broke up with him, according to a new report.

Andrew Sandy, 23, of Albuquerque, was busted on Sept. 9 and charged with a third-degree felony count of extortion along with misdemeanor counts of stalking, voyeurism and unauthorized distribution of sensitive images, according to court records obtained by The Farmington Daily Times.

In January, the victim, a Farmington resident, told local police that she’d just broken up with Sandy and he was threatening her, according to the report.
She said she met Sandy online, dated him for about three months and ended the relationship despite his attempts to convince her to stay, the outlet reported.

In a series of schemes that went on for nearly a month, Sandy allegedly released his ex’s personal information to strangers — which prompted people to show up at her job and approach her for sex, according to the report.

She was so afraid that she quit her job, the court records show.

Sandy also allegedly sent out 10 nude photos to nine of the victim’s friends and relatives through Facebook, without her consent or knowledge, the documents obtained by the paper reveal.

The photos were said to have been screenshots from a video chat between the two, in which Sandy asked the woman to take off her clothes, according to the report.

He also obtained his ex’s personal information, including her Social Security number, vehicle identification number and medical information — all of which he planned to use against her, the paper reported.

And he allegedly claimed to contact the New Mexico Children, Youth and Family Department to report his ex as an unfit mother so that her child would be removed from her custody.



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