Rape Accusation: TB Joshua’s Emmanuel TV Releases Video Clip

Prophet TB Joshua

The philanthropic and communication arm of the Synagogue Church of All Nations (SCOAN), EmmanuelTV, has reacted to the accusation of sexual molestation against founder of the church, Prophet T.B. Joshua, by one Mrs. Bisola Johnson with a video clip.The clip of six minutes and thirteen seconds chronicled the different confessions made Mrs. Johnson at different times in the church.Bisola Johson had, during the protest marches against the founder of Commonwealth of Zion Assembly’s (COZA) Pastor Abiodun Fatoyinbo over rape allegations, accused Pastor T.B. Joshua of sexually molesting her for 14 years.However in the video clip released by EmmanuelTV, Bisola could be seen making different kinds of confessions of her escapade and atrocities.She said among other things: “I always have a terrible headache which is called migraine. Any time it happens, I always misbehave. I don’t care about what happens in my surroundings.“I always behave irrationally. I don’t care about what happens to me next, I don’t regard anybody. I just behave the way my spirit dictates to me. Anything my spirit says, I will just do it.“I have been in this town since 1981. It is falling into bad category-bad friends (sic). There was a time I was living in Eko Le Meridien for about three years, permanently living there. The place is for me. Money is for, everything was for me.“I smoked for 14 years. So, when I went back to school, my boyfriend was smoking marijuana. So, we started having it together. When I left school and started working, I was transferred to Kano.“That was where I started. I was with two governors. Some of the commissioners know my house, we do business together. I collected money but there was no peace; there was no happiness. So, I left them.”In another part of the clip, now a little older with a fire burn injury on one of her legs, confessed: “Bisola is my name. In my family, they worship Satan. When I sleep, a snake will bite me on my hands and I will lose all the money that I have.“So, because of that frustration, I had to go and get married. For more than two years we were married, we were always fighting. It was like some invisible people were living in the house with us. Then one day, my husband said he was no longer interested in the marriage.“So, I drank poison and my husband rushed me to the hospital. After two weeks, I poured kerosene and petrol on the house and set it on fire burning over N3m worth of property. Yes, the whole house was burnt, including my property and his property. We rented the property, two-bedroom flat. Even the roof caved in.”Asked why she was not burned in the fire, she replied: “I don’t know, in fact. I t was God that saved me because I drank one bottle of Schnapps so that I would be too drunk to walk out of the house.“Later I found myself in hospital; I told the police that I was the one that burnt the house because I wanted to die.“I don’t know the kind of evil spirit that is disturbing me. They detained me and my husband spent over N200,000 to bail me out. If he had not, they said I was supposed to spend 17 years in prison.”In another video, she also confessed: “I have acted as an enemy of God rather than a friend, and today, I am coming back as a prodigal daughter so that God will forgive me. So that the man of God will forgive me and the church Synagogue will forgive.“Instead of humility, I have been very proud; I have been aggressive. I keep malice. I do all kinds of things that are worthy of a Christian. When I left the Synagogue Church, nobody asked me to leave; I am asking God to forgive me.”In another video, Bisola was seen on the floor pleading with Prophet T. B. Joshua to forgive her: “Man of God please, helps me. I have no other place to go. Please help me.”Asked by Prophet T.B. Joshua about some of the things she used to do, she replied: “I’m stubborn; I’m proud. I lie. I do all kinds of things. Please, help me.“I am the worst sinner here, please. I need forgiveness please, everybody please. You all know me but I have changed. Something has touched me. One life in Christ is all I have. Please help me sir.”A voice from the background like Prophet T.B. Joshua replied: “People find it difficult to believe you.” She replied: “I have changed. Help me everybody, just give me another trial.”She was asked, can we give you the last chance? She replied: “yes sir.” The voice of Prophet T.B. Joshua could be heard saying: “so, this will be the last chance and she promised: “I will never come to this place in this form again.”Prophet T.B. Joshua’s voice could be heard telling the congregation to pray for her.They stretched out their hands and prayed after which Joshua, now on the screen told her: “we wish you good luck. We pray for you; we join you to pray and we believe that the Holy Spirit will affect your words and what you have just said now will come to pass.” The congregation answered amen.


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