Religious Bill Holds Islamic Agenda, Seeks To Frustrate Kaduna Christians If Signed Into Law — Archbishop Dr. Ogbu


Presiding Officer, Finger of God Bible Church Kaduna,
Archbishop Dr. Innocent Ogbu has appealed to Governor Nasir El-Rufai not to sign into law, the Religious Bill already passed by the State House of Assembly, saying the signing of the bill signify the end of churches and the beginning of Islamization of Kaduna state

WORLDLINK NEWS recalls that Kaduna state House of Assembly had on Friday last week passed the criticised religious bill into law

The bill, however, received wide condemnations from among the Christian bodies and the Muslims who believed that, if the bill is signed into law by the Kaduna state government, it will deprive them from enjoying their constitutional right of worship.

Archbishop Dr. Ogbu in an interview with WORLDLINK NEWS on Tuesday said if governor El-Rufai sign the bill into law, it will affect various churches operating in Kaduna state.

According to him, ” part of the bill stated that, ” playing religious cassette or using Loud Speaker for religious purposes between the hours of 11pm to 4am in a public place attracts a fine or imprisonment.” adding that with this clause, no church will survive in the state because, all the churches always have night Virgil which starts exact time, and close 4am.

” to the best of my knowledge, the religious bill aimed at curtailing the church of God, creating fear in order to close down the church of God.

He said, the muslim does not have problem with timing as their prayer time does not fall into this period

“For goodness sake, Muslims, for example pray between 7-8pm and 4am daily. This section of the bill does not affect them. It affects only Christians knowing that prayers and fasting is the back bone of Christians world wide, not only in Kaduna.

Archbishop Ogbu explained that the bill has been on ground since 1984 but the successful government abandoned it because of it’s sensitive nature.

According to him, Kaduna state is a volatile state, and any decision taken must be taking wisely.



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