NDI Urges Media To Ensure Kaduna Youth Agenda Suceed


National Democratic Institute (NDI) has urged media to contribute towards ensuring that the Kaduna Youth Agenda (KYA) is successful.

Senior Programme Manager, NDI, Bem Aga made the call while presenting a paper titled, ‘Role of the Media and Advocacy Tactics as part activities for the inauguration of the KYA Media cohort in Kaduna.

“Media can help Kaduna Youth Agenda to succeed by providing existing platforms of programmes through news reports, live or recorded programmes on radio and TV, columns, opinion pieces etc,” he said.

He said that every serious minded campaign has to have theory of change over period of time, relying on voice, space and accountability.

“Voice includes knowledgeable group of experts that push forward the campaign.

“Voice alone is not a voice, you need to disseminate them and in doing so you need to create space, which is a platform to disseminate so that people that have the power to effect desired changes will be reached by building stakeholder awareness about the campaign and where it needs to go.

“Space also includes leverage space. For example, the meeting of the governors forum to push this agenda.
“Accountability is the ability to create avenues where they give you what you want,” he explained.

He reiterated that the media is a critical stakeholder in this process.

He said qualities of a good reporter include research and story telling skills, determination and patience, great writing skills, appropriate use of language and promoting public good.

“A good story needs to contain surprise elements, investigative and compelling, as well as promote people friendly policy, programmes and projects,” he submitted.

Aga said the role of the media in the society includes promoting good governance, serve as watch dog, set agenda for policy makers, strengthen government responsiveness to social problems and exclusion, as well as a host of others.

He appealed to the journalists to support the advocacy by broadcasting or publishing news from the campaign when its activities are covered.
“Highlight major content (problems, issues, recommendations, commitments, partners etc).

“On-Air-Personalities (OAPs) and other journalists should ensure that issues in and around the Kaduna Youth Agenda remains on front burner of state discourse to shape opinions and build support.

“Engage advocacy targets on steps been taken to implement the recommendations in the Kaduna Youth Agenda during meeting within and outside government,” he appealed.

Earlier while delivering NDI’s goodwill message, the Senior Programme Manager ND said that NDI is a non partisan organisation formed 36 years ago as an act of parliament.

“We are extremely happy to be here today for so many reasons. We are happy the One Project Afrika Reach Out Foundation (OPA) is now transitioning to advocacy from the ‘Vote Not Fight Campaign’.

“Elections are over and the business of governance must continue. We would be supporting the programme till January 2020,” he announced.
He emphasized that the youth is a demographic variable that the advocacy is all about because of its huge population out of Nigeria’s 200m.

“The activities for Kaduna Youth Agenda didn’t start today, it started within the week. We are happy to have eminent media leaders of Kaduna to be here with us and hoping you would play key roles in ensuring the agenda set is achieved,” he said.


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