Breaking: IGP Orders Immediate Transfer Of Over 6,000 Police Officers From Lagos to Zamfara

The Inspector-General of Police, Mohammed Adamu, has ordered the immediate transfer of over 6,000 senior policemen and rank and file out of Lagos State.
According to sources, this is part of Adamu’s plan to reinvigorate the Force in Lagos State amid escalating crime rate.
It is also believed that most of these policemen have made the state their comfort zone and running their personnel businesses instead of policing.
In the first phase, which has begun, 1,001 senior police officers have been transferred out of the state.
The ranks of those affected are Assistant Superintendent of Police, Deputy Superintendent of Police, Superintendent of Police and Chief Superintendent of Police.
After this phase of transfer, the IGP is also expected to transfer over 5,000 rank and file out of Lagos.
In a signal dated May 2, 2019, Adamu instructed that the 1,001 officers should be warned and released to head to their new commands immediately.
Zamfara State, which had been caught in mindless bloodletting, will be receiving over 50 policemen from Lagos.
Incidentally, that happened to be the largest number in the transfer list.
At least 22 officers, among the 1001, will report to Abia State.
Others are Adamawa State 43; Akwa Ibom, 11; Anambra State, nine; Bauchi State 31; Benue State, 32; Borno State, 24; Balyesa State, 14; Cross River State, 20; Delta State 10; Ebonyi State, 43; Ekiti State, 42; Enugu State, 29; and the Federal Capital Territory, five.
Also included are Gombe State, 24; Imo State, 30; Jigawa State, 34; Kebbi State, 47; Kaduna State, 35; Kogi State, 23; Kano State, 32; Katsina State, 41; Kwara State, 20; Nasarawa State, 22; Niger State, 14; Ondo State, 14; Osun State, 26; Oyo State, 41; Plateau State, 32; Rivers State, 37; Sokoto State, 29; Taraba State, 40; Yobe State, 35; and Zamfara State, 53.
Officers from other state commands are already in Lagos and taking over the offices vacated by the outgoing ones


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