Adara Indigenes Protest Against Kaduna Govt Over Refusal To Arrest Fulani Herdsmen Involved In Kajuru Attacks, Killings


Our Correspondent,Kaduna

The people of Adara in Kajuru Local Government Area of Kaduna State yesterday, said that despite the attacks and Killings by armed Fulani herdsmen, the State Government have not ordered the arrest and prosecution of any of the herdsmen involved in the heinous crime.

According to the aggrieved people of Adara,  about 12,480 indigenes have been displaced from their ancestral homes and now  live in Internally Displaced Person (IDP) camps with the attendant hazards, pointing out the Casualty figures of death has risen to 200.

In a statement signed by the children of the 9 Adara leaders who are in Prison custody, Bege Bawa Magaji,  Mercy Dio Maisamari and Godiya Sani Magaji they said, “We are alarmed at the increasing spate of mass slaughter unleashed by terrorists on our innocent people living in Adara communities.”

“These attacks have so far claimed the lives of almost 200 Adara natives, slaughtered in the most cruel and dehumanizing manner. And over 500 houses were destroyed by invading armed herdsmen.”

Lamenting over the inability of the State Government and security to arrest the culprits of attacks and Killings against the Adara people, they remarked that “the government have not arrested a single Fulani for the murder of our people and the destruction of our homes,” stressing that ” It is even more shocking that in spite of the fact that these murderers carried out the attacks in broad daylight and sometimes exchange gunshots with security personnel, not a single individual or their sponsors have been arrested.”

” This clearly exposes the government’s bias against the Adara Nation. Since February 16 2019, our fathers have been in detention having been denied bail. Their continuous detention without bail or trial is a violation of their fundamental human rights.”

“We are traumatized that Kaduna State Government can quickly arraign our parents over alleged killing of’ 66 or 130 Fulanis’ ; an allegation that is still unproven, but cannot arraign those responsible for the killing of almost 200 Adara natives.”

“Our fathers are locked up in a convict prison with murderers and thieves and rapists even when they have  outstandingly served this country in various capacities.They are retirees and advanced in age and manage different form of life threatening ailments yet they are confined to situations that aggravate their fragile health. What have they done to deserve this? What have we done that the country should match on in the face of this broad day travesty?”

“While our parents are being detained, our communities have been fields of the most heinous and mind blowing murders. By day or at night, our communities are attacked again and again. We are being beaten and not allowed to cry.  What have we done to be treated this way? Are we no longer citizens of Kaduna State and nationals of Nigeria?”

“This is a cry to all men and women of conscience and the international community to help us mount pressure on all tiers of Government to free our fathers. It is 80 days since our parents have been unjustly held  in prison and arraigned before a magistrate court that has no jurisdiction to try the allegations levelled against them. They have been denied bail.”

“We the children of the elders and leaders of Adara request that the rule of law  should take precedence so that our aged  parents, many  who have been away from our homes now for 80 days can be released back to us.”


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