9-Year-Old Boy Chained And Abandoned In Ogun Is Unrecognizable Months After Governor’s Wife Adopted Him


Months after a young boy who was chained and left to die in Ogun state was adopted by the Governor’s wife, a new picture of the boy has surfaced on internet depicting the marvelous transformation he has witnessed.

It was learnt that the 9-year-old boy was chained and left to die by his clergy father in Ogun state last year before he was adopted by Governor’s wife.

According to report, the young boy identified as Korede was allegedly chained by his father, Pastor Francis Taiwo for several months inside his church in the Ado-Odo Ota area of the state on the allegation that the boy was possessed and he wanted to flush the demons out of him.

The father identified as Pastor Francis Taiwo is a pastor of the Celestial Church of Christ (CCC), Key of Joy Parish in Ajibawo.

It was learnt that neighbours reported the matter to the police who swiftly moved in to rescue the boy who was seriously malnourished which led to the arrest of his father.

According to report, the boy appeared so lean, rough and unhealthy due to starvation and brutalization meted out to him by his father in conjuction with his step mother.

“This is Korede Francis, 9-years-old of 2016 and the current Korede Francis, 10-year-old of today.

The boy who was chained on his neck to die by his biological father at a Celestial Church in Ado-Odo Ota, Ogun State“.


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