CaRE-NGO Trains 15 Selected secondary school Students On Prevent Drug Abuse

cross section of students

Following an increase in crime rate and other social vices across the country, selected 15 Government Secondary schools within Kaduna metropolis on Friday received training on how to avoid drug abuse.

Delivering a lecture on ” Prevent Drug Abuse,” held at CaRE-NGO school hall, Sabo Tasha Kaduna, Director of Training, National Drug Law Enforcement Agent (NDLEA), Kaduna state command, Dr. Ibaheem Baba noted that, it is rare to find a school or an institution void of social vices.


According to him, the society has already been polluted with bad characters arising from drug abuse.
His words, ” there are abusers of drugs in all our educational centers – Primary, Secondary & Tertiary, but early warning among the youths in secondary schools will help to take preventive measures which is why a 3 days training is being organised.
He told the students its very easy to be involve in drug abuse, but difficult to come out of it once addicted to it.

” therefore, its better to avoid anything related to drugs. Students should refrain from Alcoholic drink, smoking, and other things that may lead to change to abnormal behaviour.”
Also speaking, Director of CaRE-NGO, Dr. Joy Dogo urged students to watch out for the type of students they mingle with. Once influenced, they can never live a normal life as many who were influenced by their friends take to such trade as ” armed robbery, kidnappers, prostitutes, roadside pick pocket, madness.”
She urged students to go to their respective schools and organise similar awareness for their fellow students.
” Go ans put what you have learnt, that drugs are dangerous to one’s health. You have learnt, see bad effect on drug abuse.
I wish, as you go to your respective schools, organise a “drug abuse club where you put what you have learnt into practice, preach, educate and be a messenger of peace to all your fellow students with a view to stop them from any form of drug abuse.” She said
Highlight of the training was the Inauguration of Drug Abuse as all students are expected to teach their friends, fellow students on danger associated with drug abuse.


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