You Have No Knowledge Of The Environment You Aspire To Govern,  Fanwo Mocks Musa Wada


Spokesman of Bello/Onoja Campaign Council, Mr Kingsley Fanwo has taken a swipe at Engr Idris Wada, Governorship Candidate Of the the People’s Democratic Party, describing him as someone “who doesn’t know anything about the state he aspires to govern”.

Fanwo said this on the backdrop of a gaffe by Engr Wada on a National Television Program to the effect that there is a Federal Medical Centre in Kabba.

“We sympathize with Engr Wada and we strongly advise him to get more acquainted with the State he is aspiring to lead. It is expected that a serious candidate would have consulted people in the state to know what is where and what is needed at where.

“The embarrassing statement by Engr Wada on a national television is a sad reminder of the lack of knowledge of the state that led to the colossal failure of his brother, Capt Idris Wada as Governor of Kogi State between 2011 and 2015. We are witnessing that again as Engr Wada has proven he lacks knowledge of the needs of the people he wants to lead. How can a serious Governorship Candidate claim there is a Federal Medical Center in Kabba? Does it mean Engr Wada has not taken stock of our health infrastructure as a State?

“After his desperate fundraising trip to Dubai, one would have expected that the embattled candidate will come back prepared. His national embarrassment on a national television is something Kogites should worry about. It is either he lacks knowledge of the infrastructure in the State or he has been overwhelmed by his massive rejection by even his party members and leaders.

“We wish to advise him to put himself together and come back into the race that is fast becoming a one man show. We want a robust campaign that will bring about the competition in a democracy. We want to discuss issues, display our scorecard and present the Next Level of our New Direction Blueprint.

“Before the 2015 primary election, our candidate went round the entire state. He took stock of what was on ground and the infrastructure gap he needed to work on. He was speaking from an informed viewpoint. What he has achieved in less than four years shows he came prepared with a sound knowledge of the needs of his people.

“Despite losing thousands of his party members to our party due to lack of faith in his prospects; Engr Wada went further to de-market himself by showing unpardonable ignorance before the entire world.

“Instead of showcasing his agenda, he was busy threatening fire. He should be told the only Federal Medical Center we have in Kogi State is in Lokoja. He can visit our highly digitalized Ministries, Agencies and Parastatals in the State to get facts. We are ready to help him prepare for his impending failure.

“Motorcycles and dollars can never help build his knowledge of the state. He needs to quickly apologize to Kogites for the embarrassment and not mislead people who may need the services of the Federal Medical Center”.

The spokesman assured Kogites that the Campaign Council under the leadership Of Sen. Smart Adeyemi will not deviate from issues, saying the State cannot be left in the hands of those who seek power without purpose.

“Governor Yahaya Bello has united the State, developed the state, liberated the state and he is trusted to take the state to the Next Level”.


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