Shiite NASS Protest: It Was Not Local Gun But AK 47, Says Injured Policeman


Two of the policemen injured by members of Islamic sect Shiites have been referred to the National Hospital for immediate medical attention from the National Assembly Clinic.

One of them, soaked in blood, was badly beaten by the rampaging Shi’ite members.

He was gasping by the time the vehicle that took him to the National Hospital arrived.

Another policeman, who had bullet lodged in his thigh, was waiting to be taken to the National Hospital.

“It was not a local gun, it was AK47,” he told his concerned colleagues.

Meanwhile some of the violent protesters have been arrested by security operatives.

At about 2.56pm, a young man in his 20s, alighted from a Sergeant- at- Arms pick up and was led to the Department of State Services (DSS) office for interrogation.


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